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1) Options for Audirvana users? 2) The subscription model - Audirvāna Studio - Audirvana - & User experience

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where download _t for El Capitan | Peatix.Download Audirvana for Mac | MacUpdate


Any opinion with respect to sound quality performance? Periodic dropouts sending to the Phantom II, starting with the first track I played. Trying Studio to see if UPnP problems are fixed on 3. And Qobuz playlists are MIA. Audirvana not winning…. I actually sprung for Roon on a lifetime sub this weekend. I trialed it a few months ago, but with all this Audirvana BS and the thought they could dump the lifetime subscription made me roll the dice and invest. The Roon UI is much nicer and I do like the system.

The Audirvana Studio reviews have not been great. A warning for everybody moving from iTunes to Audirvana: it will mess up your 1…5 star ratings. During the initial sync with my iTunes library Audirvana changed all the album ratings to an average of the ratings for the individual tracks within an album.

That completely messed up my playlists. Just as an FYI, iTunes itself has a bug where it will randomly create album ratings, which overrides my track ratings and screws up my smart playlists. The bug has been there for years, and Apple has never bothered to fix it. OK, I cannot say for sure that it was Audirvana - but it happened during the initial sync with iTunes, and it stopped as soon as I killed the Audirvana process.

But today it messed with a lot of albums, not only recently played tracks. I am thankful to read of your experience. If no network connection is available, it just prompts you with what will not function, and lets you know that you need to restart the application if you want the network-supported features once you have a connection again. According to the author, this is computing the acoustic ID for each file so that Studio can lookup metadata via MusicBrainz.

The progress bar looked like it should have finished, but it was still grinding away. Restarting the application seems to have restarted the process, though its impossible to tell if it is re-analyzing everything, or if the UX is just borked and its picking up from where it left off.

Audirvana Studio Software. Roon or Audirvana and why. I am not convinced it is going to actually finish at all at this rate. I would say scrolling is the same speed as in 3. I wound up having to delete the entire database manually to fix the local files issue.

Appreciate the feedback and earlier comments. My local library is more than 25x that size. Did Audirvana change the album ratings on iTunes? Anyway, I stopped that Audirvana experiment. It sounds so good. The better your system the more you will love it. It does great things for all music lovers. You can try it for 30 days so you have nothing to lose and it is well worth the price. It completely changes the game on streaming boxes because you don't have to spend thousands.

You can use a good computer and then bypass its internal audio settings and let Audirvana use its own control which will keep the music and say goodbye to the internal computer noise. Think I'm joking? Decades long audiophile and you have a free trial for 30 days.

So what do you have to lose? Go for it! Search is so slow I would call it non-functional. Allowing my mouse pointer to even touch an active window sets the beach ball spinning for several minutes. This is basically a useless program for me. I get zero enjoyment from it. Maclover Jul 3 Apple Music cannot display most of my artwork which sucks sooooo bad Audirvana shows them all.. I'd give it 5 stars if the UI wasn't so bad.. It looks cheezy as does the logo and is not well thought-out.

It feels like there is no real UI designer in that team. The website looks homemade as well.. M87 Apr 26 I bought Audirvana after a trial because of its really good sound quality. But after using it for 5 months I have to say that it has become so slow that I cannot use it without swearing anymore. Every time you click into an album and then go back to the main list, you get the spinning wheel. When you scroll up and down the lists, you get the spinning wheel. I mean c'mon guy at Audirvana, upon a little bit of googling, you see so many reports of people complaining about how SLOW your software is.

Can't you just fix it? I am using the latest 3. I really can't recommend this product. On my Macbook, half the time I use it, the music doesn't connect to my amp or speakers, just plays through my computer. I haven't found any troubleshooting answers. There is no contact information on their website. What kind of company would not provide contact information to their customers??? What kind of people are these?

The best I have heard on my Mac Air. Great together with the Dragonfly DAC! This is a great application if you want to hear your music in the best possible quality quality. I tried several others, but this one is the best and it also could stream your music to UPnP-devices, like the ultraRendu. RunHomeSlow Oct 11 If you got ears, you gotta listen! If you want to use Audio Units with this, which is why I bought it many years ago and it ran flawlessly you can forget about it.

It simply doesn't work with AU engaged. No sound. I figured it was a bug they'd sort out so I left it over a year before updating and they haven't fixed it. Check their support forum and you'll see its the same with everyone. Worst customer response I've come across in a long time. To know that their product fails in one vital area and just leave it broken for years when it's a unique selling point. I'm speechless. Now I'll spend all day tomorrow trying to go back to a 2 year old version that worked.

DragonMaster Sep 8 Got it and love it! I have over 14, albums onboard and it handles them all quickly and accurately. My only issue is that you cannot access your Mac's volume control when this app is running. Aside fro that I find it to be a remarkable audio app! Oh yes, it works on Catalina with no issues at all. RunHomeSlow Sep 8 Yes most helpful version comment is for 2. I own the Plus version and downloaded the latest upon release. I use it with a high end studio quality audio interface and I possess a lot of Audio Unit plugins.

This was never a problem for the old version, but now it simply won't play a single track. I have contacted support whose sole advice was to trash all preferences and download the app again. Same thing, no sound. Evgin Dec 10 Rikyman Mar 3 No other App for audio in my system can accomplish the quality Audirvana can whit my DAC, the interface is not beautiful but the sound is fantastic.

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